What is Prayer? An explanation.

Prayer is man reaching out for supernatural assistance.    To some, who believe in a personal relationship with God; (through Jesus Christ) it is form of communicating and fellowshipping with God. Most people see prayer as a means to an end. A person with a heart for God and a personal relationship with Him sees it as a way of expressing love, gratitude and his/her desires.

Most people believe in the power of prayer, but many people pray to many different sources. Although most individuals think that the source of whom they are praying to matters, I beg to differ.

The source of the power you are praying to makes all the difference in the world. Prayer is only as powerful as the source you are praying TO.  This mentality is not being “close-minded”.  This is actually a very logical deduction.  If you put diesel fuel in a gas engine, that vehicle will not start.  You are not tapping into the right power source. Prayer to any other deity is not the same as praying to God through the power of Christ’s shed blood.

In Romans 13:1-2 it says: “Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God; the powers that be are ordained of God.  Whoseoever therefore resisteth the power, resisteth the ordinance of God; and they that resist shall receive to themselves damnation.” Damnation?  That is a pretty strong word, and if praying to a source other than God Himself brings THAT, I personally will do my best to avoid it.

When a person prays to an “unknown entity”, they are actually praying something demonic in nature. Unknown deities are hidden under a shroud of deception, and anything hidden has something to hide—we can safely assume if the entities were a good thing, they would be proudly exposed not shamefully hidden.  In John 10:1 it says: “He that entereth not by the door into the sheepfold, but climbeth up some other way, the same is a thief and a robber.”

The God of the Universe (the God of Abraham, Jacob and Isaac) gifted us with the privilege to come boldly to His throne of grace in Jesus name.  Most people do not understand the meaning or significance in that.

In the Old Testament, the Israelites had to petition (pray or speak) to God through a prophet, (A prophet was a chosen man of God that lived a life very clean of sin—Moses and Elijah were famous examples) These men were by no means perfect, but God chose them because their heart desired a close relationship with God and they respected him by living in strict accordance to His commands. To hear from God directly was (and still is) an honor and a privilege.

In the Old Testament, the Jewish people had to sacrifice the best of what they had to atone for their sins. These sacrifices could not be just ANY sacrifice. God specifically instructed the Israelites that their sacrifices must be perfect, without blemish.

In Lev. 22:19 it says: “You shall offer at your own will a male without blemish.”  In Lev. 22:20 it says: “But whatsoever hath a blemish, that shall ye not offer; for it shall not be acceptable for you.”  And in Deut 15 21 it says: “And if there be any blemish therein, as if it be lame, or blind or have any ill blemish, thou shall not sacrifice it unto the Lord.”

Why was this perfection so significant?  God was showing He wants our best (as that is most important to us) and He also was reflecting His only acceptable sacrifice for the sins of the world had to be perfect as well.  When Jesus died on the cross, the Jewish tradition of animal sacrifice for the atonement of sins was no longer necessary.  Why was this?  Jesus was the final sacrifice.  He was the spotless (sinless) perfect Lamb that gave His life to pay for the sins of the world.  Through Jesus’ death, man no longer had to offer an animal sacrifice to appeal to God’s wrath for their sins.  Jesus covered that wrath from God for all of humanity.

After Jesus died on the cross, we, by faith and acceptance of this free gift, are now free to pray to God directly.  (In Jesus’ name)  In John 14: 13-14 it says: “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.  If ye shall ask any thing in my name, I will do it.” In John 14: 6 says: “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

God desires to answer our prayers!  But, He will not answer or hear a prayer that is not covered by the blood of Christ.  If you have not accepted Christ as the Son of God, you are rejecting God Himself.

Many people do not fully understand the concept that if they believe in “all things” and “all gods” that they can be blessed and have effective God-ordained answers to prayer.  You see, in the spiritual world, there are many sources of power.  Anything not of God (Christ) is considered pagan and blasphemy.

God will not endorse, condone, or be any part of a prayer to pagan gods.  He will not share or lend His power to them.

Can prayers to other deities be answered?  Yes, technically (and temporarily) it can look like these prayers to other deities can be answered (to a certain extent).

Why is this? Because satan and his demons hold a certain amount of power themselves. The problem is, once they (demonic entities) answer that prayer, you are “tied” to the demonic and the demonic world does not have your soul’s best interest in mind. The more you pray to these demonic entities, the more “spiritual blindness” you are placing over yourself.  You will not see or be attracted to the truth; only the “false sense of truth” that gives you temporary security because it satisfies the selfish need of getting what you want how YOU want it. (Keep in mind that because these entities want to shroud your life in lies and deception, that initial “answer” to your prayer can be revoked and reversed, because remember—satan does not “play fair”.)

It says in John 10:10: “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy.” He will do whatever it takes to accomplish that goal and lying and deceiving are not “beneath” the morals of satan.  He has none.

In John 8:44 it says of the devil: “He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.  When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own, for he is a liar, and the father of it.”

Your initial request may be granted, but at a heavy price.  You now are under the influence of demons.

So, to answer your question about prayer, the most important thing to address is:  Who is the God that you are praying to?

Prayer works by faith.  If you are praying to “anything that will listen” you are working against yourself in the long run.  What god are you putting your faith in?  Any god?  That is risky.

For example, say you want to get into a hot nightclub that all your friends are going to. You do not want to wait in line, and you want good service.  A friend of yours says that if you mention his name, you will be given carte blanche.  You get to the club and drop the name that your friend gives: Bob.  Nobody knows this “Bob” and therefore, he is not important or influential to do anything about your situation.

Jesus is the name that allows God to give you answers to your prayers.  It is the name that will allow God to work in your situation.

This is why Christians pray in the name of Jesus.  It is reminding God that because of what Jesus did on the cross, we have the “legal right” (as an adopted child of God) to pray in His name.

Prayer is your communication with God.  He wants to hear from you, but you can only get “access” to His phone line if you have the proper “connection”.  That connection is: JESUS.

If you are searching for a deep and personal relationship with the God that has the power to answer prayer (in a way that will always benefit you in the end); then you must realize that Christ is the only way to connect to God Himself.

In the Bible it says:

“For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.”  Rom. 3:23  (No kidding!)

“For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.”  Rom. 6:23

“But God commendeth His love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”  Rom. 5:8

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”  Rom. 10:9

“For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.”  Rom. 10:13

Three years ago, I prayed this prayer and I have been communicating with God ever since! I urge you to do the same and to mean it from your heart.

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I have done so much in my life, and you know it all.  You can see the obvious sins and the ones that I have performed in my heart and in my mind.  I cannot hide anything from you, and quite frankly, I am tired of trying.  I am tired of running.  I am tired of being sacred of you.

You said in your word that Jesus died in place of me.  In His perfection, Christ took on my sins and suffered death FOR me.  I only need to believe that He had the power to do this.  I ask Him into my heart and trust that He is my redeemer.

He rose again three days after to claim victory over sin, death and the god of this world, satan.  I know that He is the perfect lamb, the only one good enough to do the job of paying for the world’s sins.

I am asking you to save me.  I am asking Jesus to come into my heart and cleanse me from all my sins.  I know I will never be perfect, but the Holy Spirit that now lives within me will guide me to do better everyday. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

Published by Julia Shalom Jordan

Julia Shalom Jordan was born in Chicago, Illinois. She attended Northern Illinois University for two years and is a licensed Esthetician in Illinois. She enjoys writing her daily Christian Devotionals and assisting her husband with his wellness business and personal training. She also travels around the United States for speaking engagements. To contact Julia go to: Facebook and become a friend Connect with Julia on Linkedin. Follow Julia on Twitter @juliashalom. Of course you can always use the Contact Form on this website. For verses, prayers, devotionals, spiritual support and to hear testimonies of other survivors of demonic oppression please Bookmark Shalom Be With You by clicking: Ctrl-D.