The Characteristics of Demons activated in people

Protect yourself by knowing more about this, and what to do. Mark 5:1-20 is the definitive passage on demon possession and its effects in the Bible. Some of the details about demons the Bible reveals in this passage are: 1. Devils want to be near dead human bodies or tombs (vs. 2, 3, 5).
2. They […]

Adrenal fatigue and spiritual warfare

We are mind, body, and spirit. When we encounter extreme stress, whether physical, We are mind, body, and spirit. When we encounter extreme stress, whether physical, emotional or spiritual, our body comes to our rescue. If the challenge goes on too long, our body goes into overdrive to meet our needs. The danger then changes from […]

Shadow boxing the devil in spiritual warfare

Those engaged in spiritual warfare can learn something from real boxers. Fighting requires practice, but also facing the opponent. Shadow Boxing: I present some videos below. These are my notes. Consider how this relates to the spiritual world, and prayer: video (1) 1. relax 2 watch yourself in mirror – see yourself and what you […]

The Conflict Oriented Male Jezebel – Spirit of War

*Note:  When people think of witches/”jezebels” in the bible, they automatically think of women. While individual women are occasionally mentioned in scripture, most of the witches were men. Level 1 – Low level conflict and deception (hoodlum-delinquent type-terrorist in the making): Usually NOT religious. Atheistic views. Person could care less about God, and may mock […]

The Charismatic Male Jezebel – Conquest by Romance and Assimilation

Characteristics 1. He comes on strong, sweeping his victims off their feet. He can be a “hot, passionate lover.” Women are flattered by his intense attention of them, and excited by his male dominant approach to sex. He sexually “adores” them in Romeo fashion. 2. He targets them by falsely mirroring their values, interests, goals, […]