Prayer against demonic forces of doubt against ministry people

“In the name of Jesus _________and I lift up our shields of faith and gleam into the enemy’s eye the victories of the past. God has always come through for us, never early, but always in perfect time. HIS TIME. We bind the spirit of doubt, defeatism and depression right now in Jesus’ name. Lord, […]

Prayer of Protection during Demonic Spiritual Warfare

“Dear Lord, you know what our family has been up against. Thank you for the wisdom and strength to fight it. We are not going in this battle recklessly. We have our armor on. Thank you for providing us with that, we ask that you cover and seal every member that is praying this with […]

Prayer of Consecration – Dedication To Remove Demons

“Dear Heavenly Father, ________ has been through so much torment, so much physical and emotional pain. Lord, thank you for opening our paths to cross. Thank you that he / she is softening her heart to you, and opening his / her mind to your will. In the name of your Son, Jesus, I stand […]

Prayer for freedom from addictions/abuse and demonic curses

“Dear Heavenly Father, You know all that this family is up against.  The generational curses go back on both the maternal and paternal bloodlines.  You said that the children would suffer the consequences of the sins of the fathers up until the third and fourth generations.  You did  provide a way of escape for those […]

Prayer For Forgiveness

Praying For God’s forgiveness For Allowing the Demons Into Your Soul  I don’t know the proper way to pray for forgiveness. Can you give me an example? To help you specifically call out demonic entities that you have allowed by your actions to oppress your life or possess your body, you must pray to God […]