Prayer for breaking off spiritual blindness for salvation

“Dear Heavenly Father, I am praying on behalf of my loved ones that don’t understand the gravity of an eternity without you. Lord, my heart is so heavy.  This is because I know the truth of why Jesus died on the cross.  It isn’t just a ‘nice’ dramatic story about some prophet from God. Jesus […]

Prayer against the sin of offense for healing

“Dear Heavenly Father, You have revealed that I have allowed the sin of offense in _____________________ area of my life. It is affecting me negatively. I am choosing to let that go. I am asking for your forgiveness. Please put the blood of Jesus over that soul wound. I receive your healing on my soul; […]

Prayer for Revival

“Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you with a restless heart.  My desire is to see this world a better place. But everyday that I awaken, I see only more sadness and destruction.  I am beginning to loose my hope that things will ever get better. There is a stirring in my spirit, and I […]

Prayer for Baptism of the Holy Spirit

“Dear Heavenly Father, It says in your word that you have provided every good thing that we, as humans, enjoy.  The most wonderful gift that I have been given is salvation from eternal damnation through your Son, Jesus. I would like to have a deeper relationship with you, my heavenly Father.  To really understand and […]

Prayer for conviction of sin and re-dedication to God

“Dear Heavenly Father, _____________has a sprit of fear, and we know that is not of you. Lord, if he/she is getting conviction, speak to him/her about what areas that he/she must surrender to you. Show ____________ the places where he/she must give all footholds that _________ has formerly allowed for the enemy to leak into […]