Supernatural Prayer for Faith like a Child

“Dear Heavenly Father, There is no better gift than one that comes from a heart that is pure.  Devotion and love that is expressed to you can only happen through faith. Lord, you instructed in your word that a child-like faith is the most powerful faith to have.  In this position of humility, I accept […]

Prayer for a Supernatural Prayer Life

“Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the gift of prayer!  We as simple humans have the chance to communicate with the Almighty God of the universe!  Let me never forget the awesomeness of this gift.  Help me to always appreciate it and honor it with the kind of respect it deserves. Lord, this gift was […]

Prayer for Supernatural Understanding of the Bible

“Dear Heavenly Father, You gave us the gift of your Word, the Bible.  It has survived years of oppression, as it is the very enemy of satan who rules this world. The power of your word is beyond human comprehension.  It is not just a “good book”; it is the book of LIFE.  Its very […]

Prayer for the Baptism of Love

“Dear Heavenly Father, I want to go deeper into you.  In your word you said that God is love.  I understand this to some degree, and try to walk in love as best as a person can, but I want the kind of love that Christ walked in.  This unconditional, sacrificial, unselfish and passionate kind […]