Prayer for Job Security

“Dear Heavenly Father, We come to you humbled by our dependence on you, Lord. We know all good things come from you, but we also know that not all good things are recognized as good at first. Lord, give __________________ eyes to see this matter from your perspective. Give ________________________ the peace and security that […]

Prayer for Victory over fear of public speaking

“Dear Heavenly Father, I come to you with a thankful heart for all the talents that you have placed inside me.  I know that there are many more that I have not discovered yet, and I trust that you will unfold them as they are needed, and as they can be used for you. Lord, […]

Prayer for peace in a bad job situation

“Dear Heavenly Father, Please cover ____________ with your wisdom and your supernatural favor and protection. You see his/her heart; you know his/her needs. We ask that you build ________________’s faith and trust in you during this hard time. Lord, let the wealth of the wicked be stored up for the righteous. ___________________ needs a miracle […]

Prayer for a job with health insurance

“Dear Heavenly Father, You see what is going on in _____________’s life right now. _____________________ is going to be jobless soon. ________ this is the family’s only source of income.  Lord, I pray that you open up new and better job opportunities for ______________.   Provide all of their needs, especially when it comes to health insurance.  […]

Prayer for Public Speaking

“Dear Heavenly Father, We thank you for the job that you have set aside for __________. We know that you are working in his/her life, and that all things that are happening are ordained and ordered by you. Lord, the instrument of his/her body to speak the words you placed on _______________’s heart is damaged. […]