Are Demons Inside You?

Do You Suspect You Have Demons Inside Possessing Your Body, Mind and Spirit?

If you are alone and need prayer ASAP, call this hot line:

It is free, It is a 24 prayer line: 1-803-578-1800
Of course call the police the minute you believe violence might happen.

*Long Distance Charges Might Apply

1. If you are having trouble reading a prayer or the words: “Heavenly Father”or “Jesus” – that is not uncommon. Do NOT get lazy and stop there!

The reason you cannot read the part Dear Heavenly Father is because of the demons in you.

I Knew the Demons Were Inside Controlling Me and Speaking For Me – GOD SAVE ME!!!

This is WHY you must override the urge to stop: God loves you. The demons want to kill you.

They do not want you getting help or turning to God, and that is why it will be hard for you to pray that prayer. I never said this would be easy. I just said that doing things God’s way works.

If you have been doing what feels comfortable to you (and things have not been working, common sense would tell you to change your approach).

Ironically, there are many ways to GET demons; there is only one way to successfully and permanently get rid of them. That is through doing things God’s way.

2. How does one know when they are praying for their heart or mind?

Get quiet with yourself. (Play the music if that makes your mind clearer). Ask the Lord to soften your heart, cry out to him that you want to do this from your heart and NOT your mind. Right now, I am praying this for you:


Prayer for praying from the heart:

“In the name of Jesus,
I bind the demonic forces of blindness and hardness of heart. Sue desires to have a heart that understands the will of God, not devils.

Lord, cover Sue with the protection of the blood of Christ. This blood overrides all covenant blood that was spilled or spoken on her or her relatives in the past.

In the name of Jesus, I speak clarity. I ask that the Lord touch her heart and expose the sins of rebellion and un forgive-ness that have taken root and tried to kill the child inside of Sue that was hurting.

With the glory light of God, expose the demons, expel the demons and surround this child with the protection of your angels as you speak, let her hear.

In Jesus name, Amen.”

*Repeat this for yourself and for all the members of your family.


3. Demons and Sleep deprivation: The demon’s way of controlling YOUR sanity!

If you cannot get rest, even when you are EXHAUSTED, I know EXACTLY how you feel about how frustrating and maddening that can make a person.

It got so bad for me that EVERY time I closed my eyes, violence to horrible to describe (worse than the movie Saw) would play on my eyelids, so every time I got sleepy, my eyes would close and the nightmare would begin all over again! There was no rest.

4. Why does Christian praise and Worship music seem to be the ONLY thing that lifts the “heavy feeling” in my house or atmosphere?

The reason that you feel better when Christian music is played is because demonic forces CAN’T stand the sound of the praise of God.

Especially during the height of demonic activity, I would HIGHLY recommend ONLY listening to Christian music to get the voices and the things that they are telling you to die down.

The reason for this is, many secular artists (that are involved in the occult) pray over their albums and music, so this will “add to” the demons already in your atmosphere. That is why I do not recommend playing anything you are unsure of. Christian music is “safe”.

When you are in an environment where demons are not comfortable being in, you will be able to think clearer and make better choices (of your own accord, without as much demonic influence). This will happen easier if there is Praise and worship music going on. (Put it on the lowest setting if it is distracting for you personally).

5. How do I get sleep at night? I have night terrors.

Another tip that helped me sleep at night was Bible on CD. Although I could not read it, (my eyes would wander and roll around) I put a CD and (even though it would skip A LOT–demons can do that.) The demonic activity would die down enough where I could sleep. I would put it at the lowest volume and put ear-plugs in–that really helped for me.

6. Is your biggest fear that the demons will get more powerful and that oppression / possession will get WORSE?

My grandfather was involved with the occult, I dabbled a bit, but by you actively being involved with witchcraft you have opened the door you cannot see to close, and there are so many open.
I know that they are telling you things will get worse if you see the help of Christ. That is a lie.

Just as witch’s covens have prayers, pacts and rites of passage, the benefits of being a child of God will not be bestowed upon you until you ask Christ into your heart. You must pray the prayer of forgiveness. He wants to forgive you, He will forgive and help you, but YOUR free will has the power to dictate if you get help or not.

By turning to God you have a chance. By doing things the way you are right now I promise you…there is no chance. Your children and you will suffer. I am not saying that to scare you, I am saying that to help you quit wasting time. YOU DON’ T have time. No sleep = lack of sanity. Too many sleepless nights and your brain will fry. Ask any doctor and he will support this statement.

* Prayer should never be a substitute for receiving medical attention.  If you, or someone you love is experiencing suicidal thoughts or harmful tendencies towards themselves or other individuals, please help them contact a qualified physician in addition to praying for them. does not assume any responsibility for any personal decisions or choices made by its readers.


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