Cleansing The Soul Of Demonic Possession

How to cleanse your soul from Demonic Possession

Why should I seek demonic assistance?

Death is waiting for you to make the wrong choice, or NO choice at all. Jesus said: “I am the way, the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father but by me.” What do you have to loose by checking Jesus out? Afraid your “friends” (who could care less where your soul goes) will laugh at you? Care more for what matters.

I have said the prayer and curse breaker and it seems like not much is happening. Is there anything more I can do?

Go through your house, pray, and ask the Lord to guide you and help you to get rid of ANYTHING that might be connected to the occult. (Clothes, perfumes, totems, tarot cards, Oujia board games, divination devices, dousing rods, talismans, prayer beads, jewelry, statues, tributes to gods, evil eye beads photos of friends or family that have occult ties…whatever.

I burned THOUSANDS of dollars worth of items, but it does not matter. The power that left my home was WORTH it.

What is the next step for deeper cleansing of the environment?

I would recommend taking time off from your friends who are active in the occult; as they will try and discourage you from getting help and going to God. Do NOT tell them you are going to God, or seeking assistance outside of your typical group. This could backfire on you. They may (even with the best intentions) “pray” for you, which will incite even more demonic stuff. Or, they may get angry and invoke more curses. Either way, getting them involved or giving them knowledge of your activities can have some heavy consequences you may not be strong enough to deal with at the time.

I recommend taking time off from all influences (music, friends, places you visit, books you read) that will tear down all the progress you are working through with God.

A very brief explanation of my involvement with the occult:

My grandfather was in the occult and signed away future generations to earn rites of passage and powers. He did astral projection and I did that all through my childhood at night.
I had a “dabblers interest” I read horoscopes and played the Oujia board twice; it was not really an obsession or a big deal to me.

BUT, the things that happened afterward were astonishing. My brother and I even had an alien sighting right after messing around with the board.

All I am saying is, if this could happen to a “dabbler” who did not do too much, I can only imagine the torment a true follower of the occult would have to deal with to get this oppression / possession over in their life.

What else can I do in the meantime To Bring God’s Love Closer and Remove Demonic Influence?

1. Pray.

Stay in touch with God and talk to him as if he is your best friend, because right now…He is! He will not leave you even if the demonic realm might put a “veil” over you so you don’t feel His presence. Never go with how you “feel” as feelings are fickle. The truth of God’s word says that He will never leave you or forsake you.

2. Read the Bible.

I recommend starting with the New Testament. Reading God’s word is crucial. This is important because in John 1:1 it says: “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word WAS God.” If you want God with you, read the word and you will learn His ways, His thoughts and gain the power of God by implementing them into your life.

How important is that salvation prayer? I did not say it, but things are getting better. Do I really need to pray it?

The salvation prayer is everything. If you did not say it you’re your heart, you are wasting your time with all this other stuff.

If you did not ask Jesus in your heart, you are not protected, no matter how much the demons have “died down” in the atmosphere.

Demons are very good at adapting to their environment. They will give you what you need to see (in the natural) to get you to leave them alone. This way nothing powerful will happen in the supernatural and that is what their goal is.

If you have not asked Christ into your heart, you are not a child of God and therefore cannot reap the benefits of being protected like his child.

Maintaining Contact with friends from the occult:

If your Facebook page has all “Demonic Friends”, that can be a touchy situation. Don’t de-friend any of them, just start tapering your usage of Facebook and if they are used to seeing you post songs and stuff, do what you normally do on a lesser scale as to not raise red flags, if they contact you and ask questions, say you are taking care of some personal health issues. Repost songs that your friends post so they feel connected to you still. The same goes for all other social networking websites that might have “Demonic Friends”.

What if they get suspicious and things get aggressive?

If they try to contact you, I would recommend telling them that the demonic tortures have died-down and that the crisis seems a bit settled. I recommend saying you are focused on an illness in your family (as, technically YOU are YOUR family).

If that is a story they will not buy, tell them you are having trouble with your children now. (YOUR inner child needs help) So, again, you are NOT lying.

For Immediate Strength From God Through Prayer

Prayer of Consecration / Dedication To Up-Root Demons

If you are alone and need prayer ASAP, call this hot line:

It is free, It is a 24 prayer line: 1-803-578-1800
Of course call the police the minute you believe violence might happen.

* Long Distance Charges Might Apply

What do I get rid of in my house / atmosphere?
Anything you have in your home that is a gift or an item into the occult, has “spiritual eyes” attached to them. This gives the demonic a portal into what is going on in your home.

So, as you are going through your home, gently place the items in a box as if you were “moving” them to someplace better and burn them with a friend. Stay until all items are destroyed enough that no one would want to use them. You might want to bring a hammer. Yes, jewelry MUST go.

Only bring a family member that you trust that WANTS you out of the occult. Do not bring a person who even halfway supports the occult. As you burn those items, pray this prayer from your heart:

“Dear Heavenly Father,

These items brought an abomination into my home and my family. I realize this now, and I am destroying them in honor of you. I want to start a new covenant. In the name of your Son Jesus, I vow to only worship the Living God, who is in the form of the trinity. God the Father the creator of me and the universe, God the Son, who died for my sins, and God the Holy Spirit who now lives inside of me.

Lord, please strengthen the Holy Spirit within me to fight this terrible war going on in my home and flesh. My heart is willing but my circumstance makes me feel hopeless. In your word you said:  “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of POWER and of LOVE and of a SOUND MIND.” 2 Tim 2:17.

I am standing on that, as those are the things I need to get through this battle. Send ten thousand angels to encamp around my home and send ten thousand more to guard my mind from the enemy who seeks to destroy me from within with my thoughts. I choose your way, Lord.

Guide me as I will do my part and strengthen my heart and spirit with your word, the Bible.


* Prayer should never be a substitute for receiving medical attention.  If you, or someone you love is experiencing suicidal thoughts or harmful tendencies towards themselves or other individuals, please help them contact a qualified physician in addition to praying for them. does not assume any responsibility for any personal decisions or choices made by its readers.



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