Can you HANDLE the TRUTH?

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron.” 1 Tim 4:2

Today’s Christian daily devotional

“I don’t know what I am looking for.  I don’t even know what to believe anymore.  All I know is that I am not happy and I have no idea how to find happiness.” Sue takes a deep breath, and I nod for her to continue.

“Honestly, I feel like God could care less about me. My life has been a terrible ride.  So, why should I care about looking for Him?  What has God done for me lately? Sorry if that sounds crass but that’s the truth.” Locking eyes with me, she took another deep breath and then sipped long and hard from her neon colored martini.

I came to meet my old friend for a cheery reunion, not to have a deep conversation about the existence of God.

At this point, I was almost compelled to take a swig of her drink as well, but the interruption of our waiter stopped me.

When I was younger, I attended church with Susan.  We even went to Bible camp together. I was not surprised to find her battling with her belief system.  At some point in all of our lives, we must make a personal decision about what we believe in God for ourselves.

In her struggle to find God she lashed out at the closest person she knew who had actually found total peace.

In 1 Timothy 4:2, the Bible warns that in the end days many people who at one time believed in God will turn their hearts away from Him. So, I think it is important to consider how we can avoid the fate of a soul who turns their heart away from God.

It says in 1 Timothy 4:2 that the ones who have a numb conscience are the people who listen and take heed to seducing spirits that are actually speaking the very doctrine of the devil himself.

To delve deeper into this, one would have to ask the question: What is seduction?  How can a person become seduced?

According to Webster’s dictionary, seduction is “to lead a person away from duty, accepted principals and conduct.”

When a person is being seduced the seducer will use the very weaknesses and lusts of that person as ammunition against the target they are wishing to entrap. Satan is not a complete fool.  He will use any entryway that we give him.

I personally believe the reason why so many people are falling into such a state of confusion is because we are living in the last days that 1 Tim 4:2 warns of.

If you feel lost, ask yourself if the very lust of your own desire is causing you to only agree with people and ideologies that make you feel good about whatever decision you have already decided to make.

God doesn’t always say things that make us comfortable where we are at today, but He will give us the ability to change. We can go from a position of weakness and confusion to a place of stability and strength.

You must make the choice who or what you will serve.  Will you serve yourself and your own lusts, or will you serve the God who wants the best for you and has the power to help you through the process of healing you from yourself? The choice has always been and will always be up to you.

“Dear Heavenly Father,

It says in your word that many people who at one time believed in you will turn from you in the later days. I am asking you right now to make it clear to me if I am being seduced or deceived.  Show my heart what is real and what is not.  Help me not to fool myself into believing only what makes me feel comfortable.

Help me to deal with my own belief system with integrity and truth. My soul and I are worthy of the highest consideration.

At the end of the day, and for the rest of eternity, I want the peace that you said only Jesus Himself had the power to promise and provide. In Jesus’ precious name, to receive all that He died for me to have, I speak SHALOM over my life, Amen.”

 Thank you for reading today’s Christian daily devotional on verses: 1 Timothy 4:2

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Author: Julia Shalom Jordan


Published by Julia Shalom Jordan

Julia Shalom Jordan was born in Chicago, Illinois. She attended Northern Illinois University for two years and is a licensed Esthetician in Illinois. She enjoys writing her daily Christian Devotionals and assisting her husband with his wellness business and personal training. She also travels around the United States for speaking engagements. To contact Julia go to: Facebook and become a friend Connect with Julia on Linkedin. Follow Julia on Twitter @juliashalom. Of course you can always use the Contact Form on this website. For verses, prayers, devotionals, spiritual support and to hear testimonies of other survivors of demonic oppression please Bookmark Shalom Be With You by clicking: Ctrl-D.