Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he; Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but this heart is not with thee.”  Prov. 23:7

Today’s Christian Daily Devotional

I believe even that even the most naive child can perceive when a person is being insincere. When I was younger, I can remember watching the way certain adults interacted with each other and their behavior really perplexed me.  Many said one thing, yet their body language and demeanor spoke the opposite. These behaviors were very confusing for me as a child.  They have continued to perplex and frustrate me as an adult today.  A person just “going through the motions” often gives their sincerity away in one form or another.  If a mere human can detect a fraud, what makes us think God cannot see when we are “faking it” with Him?  God looks on the heart.  He has repeated this thought throughout the Bible several times, so I think it would be safe to assume that it is a condition that is crucial to our relationship with Him.  No matter how “slick” you are, you cannot pull a “fast one” on God.  Nobody wins by lying—especially the person that is lying to themselves.  Healing can begin when the truth enters in.  Do yourself a favor—give yourself a good, honest second look.  Is there something you see that you don’t like?   God can fix it if you stop hiding it.

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I thank you for looking on the heart.  I cannot do much in terms of finances, military ability or in bearing children for your kingdom.  But, I can do much in terms of keeping my heart pure for you.  I need you to examine mine once again.  There are places in my life where I have gotten lax, things that will prevent me from working for you with power.  Show me where I am going off the path that will lead me into making you smile the largest.  That is the path I want to be on!  In Jesus’ precious beautiful name, Amen.”

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Author: Julia Shalom Jordan

Published by Julia Shalom Jordan

Julia Shalom Jordan was born in Chicago, Illinois. She attended Northern Illinois University for two years and is a licensed Esthetician in Illinois. She enjoys writing her daily Christian Devotionals and assisting her husband with his wellness business and personal training. She also travels around the United States for speaking engagements. To contact Julia go to: Facebook and become a friend Connect with Julia on Linkedin. Follow Julia on Twitter @juliashalom. Of course you can always use the Contact Form on this website. For verses, prayers, devotionals, spiritual support and to hear testimonies of other survivors of demonic oppression please Bookmark Shalom Be With You by clicking: Ctrl-D.