Elevate or depreciate.

Today’s Christian daily devotional

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” Is. 55:8-9

“Everyone remain in your seats and fasten your safety belts.” The stewardess straps herself securely into a seat in the back of the plane.

We are being tossed by the torrid winds enveloping all around us. It feels as if our massive aircraft were only a mere fly caught in the middle of thick Tennessee molasses. Sometimes we break free from that invisible pull and our plane swerves slightly out of control.  The plane is as steady as it can be in the middle of this tsunami in the sky.

The lights flicker in the cabin. The silence is so thick—even the babies have hushed themselves. As a passenger I feel so out of control. There is nothing we can do, but look to the cabin straight ahead and pray that the captain can get us to our destination safely. Our lives are in the hands of the stranger behind the wheel.

I feel my ears pop as we lift to a higher elevation quickly.  Our plane coasts with ease. I can feel a collective sigh of relief as the captain’s voice bellows through the speakers.

“Thank you for your patience.  We have elevated to avoid the rough weather down below.  Please stay seated until further notice.” The good news relaxes me enough so that I can gaze out of the window. It is dark—the unknown is still out there.

Hearing the truth helped us all brace for the plane turbulence.  If the stewardess never made the announcement about the weather, half of the plane would have toppled onto the other half.  Because there was a calm protocol everyone had a chance to brace and get his or her bearings straight.

When we hit a rough patch in life, it is important to have that meeting of honesty with God.  It is also crucial to elevate ourselves and keep our eyes on God.

He is only one who can control the circumstances we are not capable of seeing around.  We have a limited view from our feeble and self-centered perspective.  God has a perspective that is not only higher than ours; it scopes all of eternity—from the beginning to the end of it.

There may be a reason why you are going through what you are going through.  A lesson can be learned from it, but only if your heart is open to receiving wisdom.  God never wanted any of his creation to be lost in confusion.  But, many of us are confused because we have taken our off of the only thing that will help us.  Rise above yourself and reach up for assistance.  God is waiting to help.

“Dear Heavenly Father,

The unknown is a scary thing for me.  I like to know what to expect.  Because of this, I have become a bit of a “control freak”. The problem with this is that it has only boxed me in with worry and fear of what I cannot control.

Life is unpredictable, and there are many things that I have not been unable to do anything about.  This has been a source of frustration for me.

I need to learn how to give my life completely over to you.  You are in control over the universe, and me “trying” to control my environment, circumstances and even the people around me has never gotten me the results I have desired anyway.

So, today I want to start with a fresh perspective that is grounded in the wisdom of Isaiah 55:8-9.  Today, I am going to trust that you have a good plan for me.  I see that your thinking is so above mine and that I might not be able to see the blessing in my circumstances because I am not seeing things from a heavenly or eternal perspective.  Give me the peace I need and the ability to trust you even when things don’t seem to be going the way that I envisioned.  Your vision is better and I am asking for you to bless me to see that. Amen.”

Thank you for reading today’s Christian daily devotional on verses: Isaiah 55:8-9

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Author: Julia Shalom Jordan



Published by Julia Shalom Jordan

Julia Shalom Jordan was born in Chicago, Illinois. She attended Northern Illinois University for two years and is a licensed Esthetician in Illinois. She enjoys writing her daily Christian Devotionals and assisting her husband with his wellness business and personal training. She also travels around the United States for speaking engagements. To contact Julia go to: Facebook and become a friend Connect with Julia on Linkedin. Follow Julia on Twitter @juliashalom. Of course you can always use the Contact Form on this website. For verses, prayers, devotionals, spiritual support and to hear testimonies of other survivors of demonic oppression please Bookmark Shalom Be With You by clicking: Ctrl-D.

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