Prayer For Forgiveness

Praying For God’s forgiveness For Allowing the Demons Into Your Soul 

I don’t know the proper way to pray for forgiveness. Can you give me an example?

To help you specifically call out demonic entities that you have allowed by your actions to oppress your life or possess your body, you must pray to God and ask for forgiveness.

Below I am showing you my personal prayer and list of sins that I prayed when I discovered I was demon possessed.  The list went on, as I grew in Christ and discovered more sins that I had buried deep in my heart.  As I got released from the “Soul Tie” of each sin, I felt lighter physically.  You may (or may not) experience this same phenomena.  Nonetheless, God works differently with everyone.

Get alone with God and humble yourself.  Read my personal prayer and pray one similar to it with your sins.  I recommend a note pad to make sure you get as many demonic names and attitudes that come to your mind.

Prayer for forgiveness of sins and demonic entry:

“Dear Heavenly Father,

I am asking you to forgive me for the sins I have committed against you, my family and myself.

I also ask that you release me from any demonic ties that committing these sins has brought into my life and my family’s life.

Here they are:
Self Pity
Self mutilation through over exercise
Self hatred
Worshiping false gods
Putting myself before you.
Putting my husband before you.
Defilement of my own Body
Body hatred
Impatience with your plan
Not trusting you
Anger at Parents
Being a control freak

Thank you for your undeserving mercy. I ask that your Holy Spirit fill up the places that these sins will leave behind.

I request the Wisdom of Solomon, the humble service attitude of Abigail and the Heart of David to be instilled in me.

I know I will never be perfect, I just ask that you perfect me into the best version of me that you intended when you created me.

Please use me as a vessel to help others through this current pain.

In Jesus’ precious name, Amen.”

* Prayer should never be a substitute for receiving medical attention.  If you, or someone you love is experiencing suicidal thoughts or harmful tendencies towards themselves or other individuals, please help them contact a qualified physician in addition to praying for them. does not assume any responsibility for any personal decisions or choices made by its readers.