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What are people saying about Julia Shalom Jordan’s book: “Breaking Free From Demonic Forces”?


“Every once in a while it is nice to get a pleasantly unexpected surprise. Something we deem simple and insignificant actually ends up changing our lives and deeply impacting it forever. This was the case for me when I first sat down to read a chapter of Julia Jordan’s book, “Breaking Free from Demonic Forces”.

I was drawn to order it because after 30 -plus years of being a minister, I have helped deliver thousands of people from evil spirits. Because of this, I find it crucial to educate myself by reading everything I can on the subject. It is important that I stay abreast of as much information as I can to do my job effectively.

When I started to read her book, I had every intention of going to bed at a decent hour. I was not expecting to be so engrossed that I would lose all track of time. I was definitely not expecting to read the entire book in one sitting!

What I read floored me. Not only was Julia’s personal demonic experience a riveting story, but I was especially taken aback by her extensive knowledge, application of scripture and her deliverance prayers.

I have read many highly trained and experienced minister’s books on this very subject matter that did not come near to explaining so comprehensively every facet of this complex subject.
From her testimony to her post deliverance counsel, I must say, “Well Done Julia.”

I was personally struck on many different levels. Julia was so transparent and honest with her pain and suffering. The complacency of church leaders that were in a position to help her and callously did not is jarring. Yet, God’s grace and mercy was shown, in spite of it all.

“Breaking Free From Demonic Forces” opened my heart to see that we as ministers have a responsibility to take this growing issue very seriously. Julia’s story stirred a personal passion within myself to expose the dangers of ungodly living and dabbling in the occult world.

Our younger generation is suffering because of ignorance in this area. Over the past 30 years we have started noticing an alarming increase of demonically influenced people in America. Right now as you are reading this, hundreds of thousands of people are suffering from and experiencing the same issues that Julia went through.

They are the “normal looking” people with serious spiritual issues. They might be sitting next to you at church, standing in front of you at the grocery store or hitting the books at school. For the most part, the majority of the church community has not given them the attention they need and the very answers that this guidebook will provide.

I encourage you to read this book and pray the prayers for you and your family. Then pay it forward by sharing a copy with others. Pastors should be providing resources like “Breaking Free From Demonic Forces” to educate and enlighten their congregations. This crucial subject matter is something we can no longer sweep under the rug if the current trends in today’s culture continue.

This book has the power to change lives. Julia’s story shines a light in a dark place of how Jesus Christ is still the only answer despite the fact that the demonic supernatural is being glorified through books, movies, TV and the Internet. I would encourage pastors and other ministry leaders to have John and Julia come visit and share their amazing journey with others. They will bless you.”

Thomas C Terry – Missionary –Pastor Evangelist- teacher – author January 2012.

“This book is eye opening and awesome. Julia tells the story of how she and her brother became demon possessed by playing a ouja board. She shares how her path to worldly success took a nasty turn where she crashed and burned. However, a loving God and His son Jesus were there to love her and lift her up off the road to destruction and hell. Thank you Julia for the great testimony that will inspire all of us.” – S. B.

“Read this book and you will hear about one of the most amazing testimonies ever. How God can change a life is simply amazing, no matter where we come from, and no matter what our background is. Julia is a powerful testimony of what God can do in breaking the power of Satan when it has held someone in bondage for years! You CAN be free from demonic forces and strongholds- you CAN be free from an occultic and Satanic lifestyle! Buy this book- you will not be disappointed!” – Timothy J. Kornowski

“This book is WORTH every penny. It was referred to me by a friend of mine.  I had been suffering demonic dreams and other activity around the house. I found the prayers to be very powerful, especially for me since I had no idea what to do about these problems. It is a handbook for demonic issues, mostly for those with demonic possession but it also touches on other facets that Satan has been given ground. If you don’t know what to do with your spiritual warfare issues, this book is an investment.”- Emily

“I normally would not read a book like this, but something inside me compelled me to pick up the book and read it. Julia’s story is heart-wrenching. To read about how she was treated by so-called “Christians” appalled me. You can tell by reading her words that she is a deeply caring and loving person, so it is even further disturbing to hear about this treatment. I am probably like most people and do not realize how easy it is to be lead astray, make a few bad choices & you have allowed darkness inside. I would imagine that it is pretty difficult to find help when you realize what you have allowed to come inside you. Demonic forces is a pretty taboo subject for most (which is funny when you see much worse topics on tv). Julia was brave enough to find the help she needed, and even braver to tell others how they also can find help. I think that Julia has done an excellent job of putting together tools to help others find their way back into the light.”- Leah

“Not only was her testimony a very captivating read, all the spiritual advise and and bible based information was spot on. Definitely was much more than I expected and I would highly recommend this book not only for persons needing deliverance but every pastor should buy a copy to have on hand. You never know when you’ll need it!!! Also, if your interested in finding a book that is a great blue print for leading a healthy God based life, this is it.” –John Hardcastle Small business owner

“Julia’s story is a very interesting one. I can relate to her experience with the church as a child. The entire second half of the book is solid help for someone struggling in this area of demonic possession. Wonderful prayers and verses along with lists of things to do and don’t do to break free. She is a true woman of God now who speaks across the country. I highly recommend!” – Kindler

“I took my time reading Julia’s book. It took me 3 weeks to get through it. I didn’t just want to read the book, I wanted to study and absorb the message Julia delivers in this book. Julia gives her testimony in the first part of this book and although it is heartbreaking at times I just couldn’t put it down!

The second part of the book is a guide. In my humble opinion it’s not just a guide for dealing with demonic forces. It encourages you to turn your heart to God. I have been enduring my own struggles for almost two years and I stopped going to church. I continued to pray and have faith in God but I was falling away from the Lord. This book encouraged me to fight for what is mine. It encouraged me to stop feeling beat up and lost and to turn my heart back to Christ.

The last part of the book provides many valuable resources for your Christian faith, biblical quotes and powerful prayers! If I took the time to research and consolidate all the relevant versus it would take me week’s maybe months! In this short but powerful book you will discover, hours of research has been done for you. This book is like a bible index or table of contents. The research done and submitted in this book is amazing. Did I mention the prayers are powerful?!

I would recommend this book not just as a guide or blueprint to deal with demonic forces. I’d recommend this book to any Christian who wants to be encouraged. I’d recommend this book to any person who is curious about the Lord and wants to know more about God and to anyone who wants to know how dangerous a life without the Lord can be. Thank you Julia!” – John Castanuela

“This book is packed full of incredible research – I know you must have pressed in for years and years – to find all these answers that went into this project… Thanks Julia for putting into print what God has shown you! *** If you want to get “set free”!!! – You’ve got to get this book! AMAZING! and a great resource for years to come…” -Ben and Mary Andrews

“This book is eye opening and awesome. Julia tells the story of how she and her brother became demon possessed by playing a ouja board. She shares how her path to worldly success took a nasty turn where she crashed and burned. However, a loving God and His son Jesus were there to love her and lift her up off the road to destruction and hell. Thank you Julia for the great testimony that will inspire all of us.”- Sarah G.

“This book on demons is a first hand account on what influences they play on peoples life’s, how they get there, and what somebody has to do to be set free and stay free. It is written to both people who are suffering from demonic attacks and written to people are helping somebody that is being attacked. She talks about it all in a way that is very down to earth and easy to relate to.

She speaks on what she knows, what she experienced. This book is not a theological essay. This is more like a handbook of how to handle attacks from the enemy filled testimony and bible verses to back everything up. Julia starts off with her own testimony about the paths she choose, how Love never gave up, and in the end Jesus setting her free. Her book then proceeds to go into commonly asked questions about demons. Julia also really does a great job explaining precautions that should be taken when helping people. She gives a lot of revelation on practical ways to handle situations and be kept safe. To top it off Julia also offers scripture based prayers, verses for guidance, glossary of terms, and much more at the back of the book.

Take my word as you will, but I was able to help a now close friend of mine get set free from demons. The way my friend acted and the things God put on my heart that she needed to do to get set free, greatly reflected everything Julia talks about. If you pick up this book; Julia’s words will point you to the way, the truth, and the life.” Arty Fly

“I read this book and it was an amazing! I’ve read a couple of books on this subject and “Breaking Free From Demonic Forces: It’s Not Over Until God Says It Is” is definitely on my top favorite list. Julia did great job sharing her struggles with her demonic forces and how she overcame them with the help of her Faith.” –Vanessa B.

“I have always been interested in understanding the spiritual realm and warfare that goes on; this is an awesome read that I highly recommend! Julia’s own story is engaging to read. In addition, she gives practical explanations and advice in breaking free from demonic forces, as she breaks down the spiritual realm, through scriptural verses for guidance. She also provides prayers to use as a guideline for specific warfare. This book has it all; engaging story, practical, and Biblical.”- Heather

“My pastor and I read this book because we believe that much of the American Christian church hasn’t been educated on the affects of spiritual warfare on a person’s life once they have been saved. Julia did an excellent job explaining in detail, and with precision, how the enemy wreaks havoc in our lives, and how to overcome that bondage. By candidly using her own testimony, Julia walks the reader step by step through examples in her own life on how to overcome spiritual bondage. This book is well written and easy to understand. It provides practical applications for anyone who wants to be free from spiritual strongholds. As the Executive Director of POLE Gems (a ministry that reaches out to sex industry women) I will be handing this book out to women that want to learn more about spiritual warfare.”- Cyndi

“I am in AWE! This book is the most FREEING and the most scripture based book I have ever read. It is chocked full of Gems from the word of God. If you want to be FREE, of any depression, oppression, and/or want to help a loved one, a friend in need of deliverance, you have a complete Bible based, powerful tool in this book. I am amazed at the honesty, and the courage that Julia Shalom Jordan exhibits in her book in the sharing of her testimony. She exhibits strength and complete transparency while maintaining professional Standard in her writing. I believe she is an example of the Savior Jesus she proclaims and I know she lives her life to glorify Him, as well as share her personal relationship with Jesus with others. It is ALL about him and sharing his love with others to Julia. She has a heart to help others see the salvation, grace, and mercy she has found in her walk with Jesus. I would encourage anyone who wants to know Jesus and find the Love and freedom from any problem that living in this world can bring “demonic oppression/possession” to grab hold of the power that’s found in the word of God and in this book, “BREAKING FREE from DEMONIC FORCES”. I’m privileged to know Julia, and to be a part of her endeavor to help set the captives FREE IN JESUS with the writing of this book. Thank you Julia for your courage, you I know will help many who are desperately in need of the truth! God Bless You Friend/Sister!”- Jennifer

“WOW! Being one of the biggest skeptics I know, I do try to look at everything with an open mind. So that’s what I did while reading this book. Not only was I intrigued by Julia’s own personal experiences with demonic forces and what ultimately caused her to break down, but the way she was able to find her faith and love for Jesus. And, how that love and faith lifted her back up to a life of happiness and fulfillment. With all the prayers and scriptures she’s included in the book, it’s easy to use it as a go to book when you feel your faith is in question or your feeling lost with your belief in god and Jesus. With the amount of research and detail that seems to have gone into this book, I look forward to another.”- JF Stunts

“I bought one because of the title (it is a strong title.) I read it and passed it along to a friend. It was so interesting and informative that I bought several more and passed them out to folks at church, my favorite coffeehouse waitress and my favorite greeter at my credit union. It is really worth reading in and of itself as well as giving info not commonly available. I could not give a higher rating. I have met the author and she is passionate on her faith and a genuine good person.”- Hippoguy

“I read Breaking Free from Demonic Forces by Julia Shalom Jordan and could not put this revelation light book down from beginning to end. Her accounts were very real and exposing the spiritual side of life and the great battle of the forces of light and darkness. It was awesome reading a book so alive with truth that can be startling to imagine yet it was real and supernaturally exposing the enemys plots at every turn against the saints. She has a great writing style making you feel you are there with her experiencing exactly what is happening to her as it plays out. You see how God had his hand on her throughout her ordeal and her brothers. This is a powerhouse end time book of the times we now live in. You will get a powerful witness on her encounters that are chilling. She spoke the ultimate truth in the encounters she was facing as they changed and shifted with attacks from the enemy at every turn. The best part of this book is my problem child daughter caught up in the party and drug lifestyle is now alone with God realizing exactly what happens in the spirit world as you yield to these entities how they take control of you so quickly until they almost have you facing the Death Angel. Great book!! I highly recommend this book a personal encounter by a woman who faced some chilling moments in her restoration back to God. Love this book and the author. She has impacted mine and my daughters lives. A must read for the end times and the forces of darkness that are working there way into our lives through any crack possible. Buy this book and pass it out to those entrapped and enslaved by satan and SET THEM FREE.”- Cheryl Daniels

“I purchased this book after listening to her testimony in person ~ I HAD to read MORE! From her innocent beginning of playing with an Ouija Board with a family member through teenage prostitution and drugs, this book tells how Julia became bound to Satan and how he tried to destroy and kill her. This book is written in an easy-to-understand format, with many of her personal experiences like an autobiography has.
 Jehovah G-d (God) would have other plans for Julia, but only when she would break the demonic forces that were holding her back from Jesus, the Savior. Julia uses many Biblical References throughout this story of her life. She explained not only her dreaded past, but her now successful life — and how she has become a Woman of God.
I cannot keep my copy of her book; as I continually discover new people who need to read it, and continually have it loaned-out to them! When you purchase this book, I am sure the same will happen with you!”- Cathy Gossen

“One day, a friend of mine shared Julia’s YouTube testimony on facebook. Interest piqued, I tuned in and watched both parts instantly.

I was amazed at the ordeal she and her brother went through together, and separately. The experience they had was amazing to me, as I, too, had played with a ouija board as a little girl, and it scared me, my sister, and friend like nobody’s business! We immediately threw the board back into the box, and sent our friend home. We never touched another board again. Who was guiding the pointer? How did it know the answers to such private matters, and in such detail? Hmm . . . no matter! Who cares! I knew then, as I know now, and as I knew when I sat tuned in to Julia’s testimony how that board operates. Immediately, I went to her web site, and purchased her book. I so anxiously anticipated its arrival, and was so excited when it arrived in my mailbox–so much so, that I have given away several copies of her book to others. What a blessing to get this book into the hands of those who need the wealth of knowledge laced through its pages.

The book is amazing! I particularly love “Julia’s Daily Confession List”, which is found on pages 138-142. Not only are they positively affirming, they are filled with God’s Word–what better than to put this into the hands of those suffering.

Julia shares a PLETHORA of Bible verses and prayers to get the vilest of sinners’ lives turned around and on the right path. If you are struggling in any particular sin area, or suffer from depression, oppression, and/or possession, then this is the book for you!

The spiritual realm is real . . . both good and evil reside in it. The demonic realm is nothing you want to mess with on any level. Be sure you land in the Lord’s camp! The enemy would love nothing more than to destroy you, for he comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Don’t let him! Take charge! Get this book in your hands, and soak in the gems set in gold contained in the pages therein.”- Gracie C.

“This book is about hope! Julia has combined her own personal testimony with an incredible amount of research to write this jewel of a book. Julia’s main concern isn’t book sales. It’s about equipping people with the tools (Bible verses and prayers) they need to “break free” from the demons that are trying to destroy us. She reveals things about herself and her brother that most Christians would never admit. She also writes in a way that is treatable to all readers, not just those with theology degrees. This is a story of God’s love and power to transform lives. If I had my way, every church would be handing these books out to church members and non-members. Julia has allowed God to use her to save lives. This book can save lives!”- Monica D.

“This book is a powerful testimony of Julia’s personal life on how she opened herself up to demonic attacks and how she was able to break free from the influence they had over her. Unfortunately too many in our society either do not believe in demons or at best don’t understand how to deal with them. As Christians we need to understand the very real influence of demons–we cannot be naive. And we need to understand the authority we have over them. Ephesians 6:12 says “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Julia does an excellent job explaining how to recognize demonic influence and provides practical and biblical ways to deal with demonic powers in your own life and in the lives of others. I recommend this book to anyone because we can all be influenced by demonic powers if we’re unaware or ignorant of the enemy and his schemes.”- S. Soucek

“Due to its taboo nature, this topic is not socially acceptable, or at times, allowed to be freely discussed, even amongst family members. Julia Shalom Jordan’s courage in writing, Breaking Free from Demonic Forces, provides you, or anyone you love who may be suffering, with practical advice and guidance based on her own personal journey of deliverance.”- M.A.S.

I loved reading Julia’s book, “Breaking Free from Demonic Forces.” Demonic activity is simply more widespread (including–and especially, in the United States) than we think. As a born-again Christian living in Miami for a short time, I have seen demonic activity myself, and Julia’s account of it is spot on. Her greatest achievement though is not drawing attention to her past of severe bondage, but in drawing attention to God’s word and our deliverer, Jesus Christ.
One of my favorite aspects of this book is her attention to Bible references on every page. This leaves the reader with no doubt on the severity of demonic influence in ours and other cultures around the world. The reader is also equipped to recognize and handle situations involving demonic activity from a Biblical perspective. I encourage all to get this amazing resource. You, or someone you love may need it.

Rachel Lee Carter
Author, Fashioned by Faith, Thomas Nelson, 2011

“Julia’s book is a very honest and true account of demonic oppression and possession. In her book she lays out very essential Godly truths, principles and scriptures to help anyone dealing with this sort of thing. Her book has really helped me get my life back on track and it absolutely ministered to me in my time of need. Truly a God send. Thank you Julia for your courage and faith to break free which in turn is helping many others. Praise God!”- Heidi 

“I really appreciate the Biblical insight shared in this book! It deals with a sensitive subject that no one really talks about. I’m a pastor’s wife so I know what goes on behind closed doors and there are many “normal” people struggling with demonic influences. These people are confused and desperate for help but they are apprehensive about sharing their dark struggles for fear of being labeled “crazy” or “mentally unstable.” This book is a great resource and should be required reading for every Christian leader; it equips you to handle those sensitive situations that are somewhat awkward for all involved.

I originally read the book simply because the title looked interesting. Little did I know that I’d actually have to reference it and use it 6 months later! I teach a Bible study and one morning a young women started sharing what had been happening to her and I immediately remembered some of the things I read in this book and I was instantly able to discern that demonic influences were involved. This woman was sharing the exact same details & experiences that this author shared when SHE was affected by demonic influences. At first, I thought, “Hmmm…this sounds just like the same thing that happened to that one woman who was demon possessed” and then IT HIT ME…it was the same thing. But I didn’t panic; I was able to stay calm because I felt equipped to respond. Never in a million years did I think I would be personally dealing with someone affected by demonic influences in my Bible study. (The young woman ended up being delivered from the demonic activity and baptized shortly afterward…yay!) I appreciated the consistent references to God’s Word (as an authority) versus simply giving a personal opinion which, in all honestly, the author could have done considering her experience. I’m so glad I read this book because it’s one of those books that you will reference over and over again as situations present themselves.”- Nicole

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