What is Prayer? An explanation.

Prayer is man reaching out for supernatural assistance.    To some, who believe in a personal relationship with God; (through Jesus Christ) it is form of communicating and fellowshipping with God. Most people see prayer as a means to an end. A person with a heart for God and a personal relationship with Him sees […]

Testimony of John T.

My wife and I moved into the city of Chicago in 2003 and purchased a condominium that we were very excited about. To make a long story short, the building had a lot of problems and in 2007 we decided to sell and move on. The house was on the market for over a year […]

Prayer for eye surgery and loss of vision

“Lord, please lift ____________ up and give him/her the hope he/she needs. Encourage _____________ and help him/her to focus on the vision he/she does have and praise God for it. As ____________ is lifting up your name, and counting his/her blessings increase ______________’s vision until he/she is totally healed in your son’s name. JESUS! Jehovah-Rappha-the […]

Prayer for a child that is addicted to drugs

“Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for the family that YOU have blessed me with. My daughter/son,________________ is a gift from you. I love him/her and it pains me to see _________________ destroy himself/herself with these drugs and activities. Lord, protect my daughter/son from the enemy that wants to steal, kill and destroy my family. In […]

Prayer for healing of mind, body and soul:

“Dear Heavenly Father, You know the places where ___________ has been damaged emotionally, physically and mentally. We know that these wounds are what Satan loves to attack. He will attack those vulnerable spots. We are asking for your protection and wisdom in this battle against him. With your Son’s death on the cross, the price […]